Since 2008, Metron has been a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry. The company’s commitment to research and development has produced an industry leading, diverse suite of products that offers solutions for sustainable mobility including – charging stations and charging cables; custom battery packs; EV immobilizers and EV prototype development.

In 2015, Metron’s authoritative position in the EV landscape was elevated further by a world beating performance during the WAVE Trophy, the world’s largest EV rally. A Mazda 5 converted to electric propulsion by Metron Institute in Slovenia achieved a range of 826 kms/513 miles on a single charge, setting a new world record at that time.

Metron doesn’t just power electric vehicles. The company is a leader in innovation dedicated to a better, sustainable future.

Manufacturing, research and development takes place in Europe and now the UK and Ireland markets will enjoy access to Metron’s products and services through our new manufacturing facility in Northern Ireland.