Since 2008, Metron has been a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry. The company’s commitment to research and development has produced an industry leading, diverse suite of products that offers a host of solutions for sustainable mobility.

In 2015, Metron’s authoritative position in the EV landscape was elevated further by a world beating performance during the WAVE Trophy, the world’s largest EV rally. A Mazda 5 converted to electric propulsion by Metron Institute in Slovenia achieved a range of 826 km / 513 miles on a single charge, setting a new world record at that time.

Metron doesn’t just power electric vehicles. The company is a leader in innovation dedicated to a better, sustainable future.

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EV charging cables, adapters and more …

Iconic DMC DeLorean converted to electric propulsion

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The benefits of a Metron solution

Dynamic charging

Our domestic and commercial wall charging units and towers (shop now) are programmed to identify and respond to potential tripping and similar faults. In simple terms, Metron IP will recognise when a circuit is in danger of overloading and reduce the charge to the vehicle accordingly.

Future proof installation

Many EV charging towers are installed without due consideration for future additional units. Metron configures first in line charging units to receive and cooperate seamlessly with any future additional charging units / towers.

Ease of repair and upgrade

All Metron charging stations are modular and easy to repair or upgrade. All components are developed and produced in Europe and Northern Ireland.

Employee / Member only access

Metron can configure free of charge or pay as you go charging stations to permit access for employees/club members only using our bespoke RFID technology.

What are we up to now …

Our extensive range of proprietary solutions also includes

Custom length charging cables

Our tough leads have an industry leading 8 year guarantee.

EV bike adaptors

To charge an electric bike at a public vehicle charging station.

“Plug and Play”

Easy to use adaptors to access an EV car battery for power generation.

Tesla cables

Tesla “quick stop” charging cables featuring Metron’s unique press button release feature – this unlocks the cable instantly when charging is completed.